Finance accounting
Finance accounting
  Finance accounting

The financial accounting services we offer include:

• organizing the form of accounting, following accounting policies and individual chart of accounts of the client;
• filing and maintenance of accounts and records on available data and accounting documents;
• preparation and delivery to the client of reference VAT declaration, purchase and sales records, as well as payment order for payment of the VAT due for the period;
• preparation of INTRASTAT and VIES-declarations and their submission to the NRA;
• preparation of declarations under art. 55 and Art. 88 of CITA and their submission to the NRA;
• preparation of monthly report to inform the client of accounting operations made for the month - trial balance, profit and loss report, balance sheet and other;
• keeping of registers required for existing fixed assets and amortization schedule, approved by the client;
• preparation of payment orders for taxes and fees;
• preparation of declarations for BNB;
• preparation of reports for the NSI;
• annual closure and preparation of financial statements and annexes to the NRA and NSI, according to Bulgarian legislation;
• representation before the NRA.

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