Due diligence
Due diligence
  Due diligence

Our team of professionals assists foreign and domestic companies to find effective solutions for their business. Our specialised studies are distributed either as single reports, or in the form of continuous monitoring. Our access to strategic information and to professionals in different fields make our analysis to date based on geopolitical and strategic positioning.

The services we offer in this area are:

• financial and tax due diligence - review of activities and financial results to previous periods of the given business and its future prospects. This helps to assess properly the estimates and the determination of the issues that could affect the future performance of the business;

• due diligence, initiated by the company - the main benefits for the company include both the ability to detect significant problems at an early stage and adding credibility to the facts, figures and information provided in official reports and presentations;

• commercial due diligence - the future income of each business is significantly influenced by its market environment and therefore the commercial due diligence is an important part in making decisions. We can prepare a full analysis and evaluation of business and market dynamics surrounding your business, giving you a solid overview of the current position and future prospects of the company;

• operational due diligence - we provide an overview of the business operations of the company by evaluating its actual and projected operational capabilities and cost base in order to determine whether the company can execute its business plan. The process can identify opportunities for operational improvement, to calculate the cost of improvement and develop a plan for implementation of its benefits;

• checks on past activity of companies and individuals and independent review and assessment of financial and commercial data - our work in this area supports investors in defining the risks of the past and in assessing investment decisions.

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