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Job seekers
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We are Lotos-45 EOOD, a licensed intermediary in recruitment in Bulgaria and abroad (information on the validity of our license can be found on the website of the Employment Agency).

The important things that we want to emphasize are that our services for you are completely FREE:

• You do not pay a fee to be entered in our database of applicants;
• You do not pay with your salary to the employer for having been hired by us;
• You are not required to accept the job offer and you can continue independently the search directly with other employers or intermediaries.

Browse our listings here or on career sites. You can send us your CV and a photo, if desired - a cover letter and recommendations, so we can check if there are suitable positions registered with us. When such are available, we will contact you to arrange a date and time for interview. At the meeting standard documents are completed that you agree to become part of candidates seeking work through us; we talk with you about your qualifications, desired work and vision to realization.
With your consent, we apply tests for language, computer literacy, professional skills and personal qualities, thanks to which you will become a more attractive candidate for each employer.

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